Special Olympics Unified Basketball Milton vs Montpelier 4-9-18
Milton Yellow Jackets vs Montpelier Solons 4-9-18
In overtime Milton holds on in the closing seconds and comes up with the win 60-58 at the buzzer.

Congratulations to all the players on a great game!

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What is Unified Sports you ask?
The 2018 Northern Unified Basketball schedule continues with Milton vs Montpelier. Have you ever been to a basketball game where the opposing team roots for their rivals when they get a basket? Well, come on out to at least one of the games on the attached schedule that will will fill your heart with love for these athletes. Its Free and you get Guaranteed results <3 !

In 2017 I went to my 1st Unified Basketball League game at Milton High School vs BFA St. Albans! What a game! The excitement on and off the court was just awesome!
Congratulations to all on a great game!

The Unified Basketball League has been certified by the Vermont Principal's Association at six High Schools at Milton HS, Mt. Mansfield HS, BFA HS St. Albans, Burlington HS, Colchester HS, CVU HS .

What is Unified Basketball?
The Vermont Principals’ Association, in partnership with Special Olympics Vermont, created Vermont’s Unified Sports Basketball League.
Unified Basketball Teams will play other schools around the state, and the season will culminate in a tournament in May.
Special Olympics Unified Sports pairs up athletes who may have physical, developmental or cognitive disabilities with peer partners who compete together in various sporting events. The goal is bringing together students with and without disabilities on the same team, and shattering stereotypes and creating communities of inclusion in the process.
In unified basketball, there are three players and two partners on the floor. The flow of play is designed so that the players are given the maximum opportunity to shoot and score.
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