Bellows Free Academy Band - 2017 Pops Concert Celebrating BFA's 87- Year Musical Legacy and Verne Colburn's 80th Birthday at the BFA Performing Arts Center in St. Albans VT on 6-7-17.


From George Ouellette...
Only 3 Bellows Free Academy Band Director's in the program's History
1-Sterling Weed
2-Verne Colburn 1963-1996
3-Eric Bushey 1996- present

Mr. Colburn actually guest conducted at a military band event at Collins Perley recently on 10-25-17
From Bellows Free Academy Band Director Eric Bushey...

Wednesday night! This is going to be EPIC... Graduates from five decades will be playing together and are coming from as far as California to honor Mr. Colburn and the 87 year tradition of music making at Bellows Free Academy. All of this drives home the fact that I couldn't be more proud to be only the third band director at this great school in nearly 100 years.

From Bellows Free Academy Band Director Eric Bushey...

Hi everyone - I am so excited for this coming Wednesday evening, it is going to be quite a night for sure. Here are some details - the concert will start in the Performing Arts Center (PAC) - at 7. For BFA grads who haven't been around for a while, you're in for a pleasant surprise when you see the renovated theater, it is an excellent space now. The BFA groups will go first - Jazz Band, Band 1, Band 2, and Band 3. After Mike Colburn joins Band three as a soloist we will move to The last selection - the Stars and Stripes.

The largest logistical challenge will be getting everyone on stage and set up. I have had as many as 110 students perform on that stage so we should be able to fit pretty comfortably. That being said (and this is a GOOD thing) I think the number of extra folks is now approaching 50 plus! Alumni from the Mr. Colburn years, Students who had us both, students of mine, Guard Band Members, friends, and maybe even a person or two who had Sterling Weed - how about that?! There will be room up there - we will make room.

I'm thinking I'll ask a couple of folks to say a few words about Verne and music at BFA as the set up happens. That will be the perfect time. Carol Goodrich has set up a 40th Army Band escort to bring Verne up to the stage and be our color guard. Mike and Nancy are going to have cake for after the concert as well. Perhaps we may want to contact an establishment in town for a gathering after the concert? Let me know if you can take this task on. Some places stay open longer than others - Twiggs jumps to mind as a possible choice.

The BFA students will be wearing colorful, semiformal attire - feel free to do the same or to simply come as you are. If you have a small folding music stand feel free to bring it, that might simplify the set up quite a bit. Chairs are plentiful at BFA, stands are not quite as numerous but we do have quite a few so don't worry if you can't bring a folding one.

I will have a couple of classrooms available near the stage entrance for your instruments and cases. Feel free to drop them off there (I'll have them marked) when you arrive. Intermission will be likely be the best time for you to get them out and simply bring them back to your seat (if they aren't tubas or the like) so you can see the rest of the concert. Then you can just go up the front of the stage.

I had intended to put all of your names and graduation years in the program, I may still try to do that but I'm 100% certain that I'll forget many of you as I've communicated verbally, by email, by phone, by Facebook and have totally lost track of all the names. I'm thinking that at the least I'll have alumni stand up by graduation decade to show the crowd just who we have.

I'm sure I left stuff out though so please chime in to let me know if I did. Also - please be sure to say Hi on Wednesday night, I'm really looking forward to meeting you all. Being at BFA is an honor that I can honestly say I've never taken for granted. The Academy is a very special place and our music alumni are, in my opinion, the best of the best.

See you soon! Eric

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